We get it, you don’t want to pay. Why pay when you can have access to free dating apps?

Well, Bubby isn’t a dating app. We use a mix of technology and human intuition to curate only the best matches for you. We understand it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. In fact, we prefer it that way as it helps to ensure the people who join our community are committed to upholding our values.  

Bubby is right for you if...

You only want to meet the best of the best.

On Bubby, everyone you'll meet is someone amazing. By joining you're gaining access to a carefully curated community of stellar people with a shared love of Jewish culture and values. Our job is to connect you to the best of the best for you!  In order to provide a high quality experience to a small community, we need to be able to support our efforts.

You believe quality > quantity.

We believe that fewer is better. We are over swiping and scrolling through dating apps, or matching with people we never end up meeting. Bubby requires membership dues to join a small, intimate community with only the best of the best - trusted, vetted, and approved. We never want to be driven by traditional growth metrics that take away from the personal touch. We love our community - each and every one of you!

You want to find a meaningful partnership.

Our affordable membership dues keep you honest. The small monthly investment signals to us that you are truly interested in finding love. There are plenty of dating apps for casual perusing but Bubby is targeting people who are relationship ready.


You don't want your time wasted.

By not giving out free memberships (even to you!), we ensure that everyone on Bubby is vested in being here. This is especially important given the fact that you are matched with 1-2 people a week. We need to make sure everyone who is being matched is responsive and ready to go on dates.


We adore you all, but, sorry, no freebies.

Xo, Bubby