Bubby's Photo Guide


Bubby wants you to show yourself in the best light! So here are some tips and tricks to perfect your profile and help make sure you make the best first impression. We know choosing photos can be a daunting part of modern dating, so feel free to text Bubby for more personal guidance or any questions, she's got you ♡


No. 1 - High Fidelity

Surely high quality members need high quality photos to capture all of your brilliance! Do yourself justice and choose sharp, bright, high-resolution photos. Skip photos that are too pixelated, dark, blurry, or over-filtered.


NO. 2 - Selfie RESTRAINT

A few solid head shots that show off your good looks and charm are important. But, we know you're more than just a pretty face. Potential matches also want to see your personality, passions and style in the hopes of finding a connection. We recommend you also include some photos that capture an authentic un-staged moment in your natural element.


NO. 3 - tell A story

You love skiing? Share a view from the lift. You love art? Pose in front of your favorite piece. You love your team? Capture a great game day moment. Don't be afraid to intersperse photos that aren't just a close-up of your face, but express who you really are and what you're into in a thoughtful, engaging slideshow. 


NO. 4 -  Stand out from the crowd

Go ahead and show off how cool your crew is. But, we recommend limiting yourself to just 1-2 shots with friends. Make sure your potential matches know who's going to show up on your first date. 


Bubby's here for you!

Always feel free to text Bubby for more advice on perfecting your profile photos. You're welcome to send over options and she can help select the ones that show you off best.