What is Bubby?

Bubby is a modern matchmaker who brings an old-world spin to modern dating, by focusing on the values that would make our Bubbies proud: romance, partnership, chivalry, and respect.

We use a combination of artificial intelligence and human intuition to help people find love. Think, a tech-enabled yenta for our generation.


What are Bubby’s core values?

Bubby unites people with shared values: love of family, tzedakah, education, personal-growth, traditions, and community. All of our members are expected to be respectful, chivalrous, and kind.


How does Bubby work?

While traditional dating apps focus on expanding your dating pool, Bubby is a premium matchmaking service that narrows your pool. We curate the people you actually want to date, with the ultimate goal of finding true love.

Bubby, our matchmaker “bot”, makes finding love conversational and personal. As Bubby gets to know you, she gives you less options, but the right options. Bubby saves singles from wasting energy on people who aren’t worth their time.


Why is Bubby different?

One of the keys to Bubby’s matchmaking success is our code of conduct. When you express interest in someone on Bubby, you are expected to meet them in person. This also encourages more meaningful connections amongst our members.


What if I experience a member being inappropriate on Bubby?

Bubby was created to avoid any chance of misconduct by creating a trustworthy community. However, if any member of our community does not adhere to our values of respect and chivalry, please let us know. We will investigate these incidents with a zero-tolerance policy.


Is Bubby in my city?

Bubby is currently in private beta in San Francisco and New York. If you want us in your city, go ahead and apply for membership! Once we reach 500 members in any city, we'll go live.